SOS Ocean Conservation Gear

"we are constantly ocean inspired"

Ocean Gear designed with a passion to protect our ocean and living corals


Proceeds benefit SOS Ocean Clean Up events and supplies.

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SOS Turtle Reef Love artwork printed on a 9 x 8 Mouse Pad - 1/" thickness

Quantity - DIVE - Chocolate Bar

Quantity - SURF - Milk Chocolate Bar

Quantity - Wet Dive Heart - Tote

Quantity - 2-Sided Ceramic Coffee Mug - Salty Hair. Don't Care.

Quantity - Lionfish Mermaid - Tote

Quantity - Girlie Lobster - Tote

Quantity - Red Towel

Quantity - Black Towel

Size: 29 x 19   Large Standard Pillow

Quantity - Pillow Case

Customized to fit your wrist - Choose any 2 colors

Quantity - Paracord Bracelet - Extended Loop

Quantity - Ladies Red Mesh Cap

SOS Embroidered - Charcoal - Beanie Cap


Nylon Insulated Lunch Bag with Zipper

Quantity - SOS Brushed Metal Ring

$4.00 each  Navy Blue Vinyl Decals  3 in. x 8 in.  WATERPROOF

$4.00 each   Hot Pink Vinyl Decals   3 in. x 6 in.  WATERPROOF